Financial Planning

Written Financial plan

The formulation of a financial plan is highly bespoke and our fees are based on the time it takes to complete the plan, but we will always give you an estimate so that you know where you stand.

We will also look at all the agreed potential ways of improving your situation.

At this stage, our advice is likely to be generic i.e. we will recommend a type of investment but are unlikely to recommend the provider.  The reason for this is that the plan may involve recommendations that need to be acted upon now or in the future and it is quite possible that the provider we would choose today may change over time.

You will have the chance to read your plan and discuss it with us.  Having considered the plan, the choice is now down to you as to whether or not you will implement any of the recommendations.

Once you have received your financial plan and been given the opportunity to discuss it with us, we reserve the right to invoice you for this stage of our advice to date.

At this stage we should be in a position to establish what, if any, additional work needs to be done and will be able to provide you with a figure for this work.

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