Financial Planning

Meeting to discuss your current situation and consider potential ways of improving it.

This meeting is used to demonstrate where you are financially and how your existing arrangements are likely to change over time.

We will introduce you to your financial planning model and we will explain what assumptions we have made in respect of investment returns, inflation etc.  You can ask us to alter our assumptions if you are unhappy with them.  Our systems can show you the updated situation instantly.

It is at this stage we are able to consider relevant "disaster" scenarios such as what would happen to your plans if you were unable to work as a result of accident or illness? What would happen if global stock markets were to crash?

Once our modelling is complete and you are happy with the assumptions made, we can use the model to explore potential solutions with you.

We will agree the optimal solution or, if this is not immediately clear, we will narrow down the potential solutions to a manageable number.  Once you are happy with the solution or options we will then start to formulate your individual financial plan.

Money Management Financial Planner of the Year Awards 2010. Winner, investment companies planner. Runner-up, multi manager planner.