Financial Planning

Implementation of advice

It is entirely down to you whether you take our plan to another adviser and ask them to implement our advice or where possible you may be able to implement the advice yourself.  However, we believe that where there are "regulated" products being recommended, such as investments, pensions, life cover or long term care plans, you would be best served by asking us to implement them for you.

We believe our charges for implementing individual investments are competitive for the majority of our clients.

Although commission is now a thing of the past with investment related business, it is still available on protection plans and if there is commission available from the product provider we are happy to do one of two things:

Invoice you as before for our services and take no commission, in which case we will either have the potential commission credited back to your plan or, if this is not available, we will refund the commission back to you.

Take our fees by way of commission and either invoice you for the balance if there is a shortfall or have the remaining commission credited to your plan or again, if this is not possible, we will return the balance of commission to you. Please note that if you subsequently cancel the plan and commission is clawed back from us we will invoice you for any shortfall created.

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