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Singular Financial Planning Ltd has been set up by Stuart Jefferies, a Financial Planner who entered Financial Services back in 1993.  In all but his first year Stuart has been providing Independent advice.

For most of his professional career Stuart has worked closely with various other professionals; Solicitors, Accountants and Stockbrokers, to provide advice in a joined up way.

Singular Financial Planning Ltd:

Provides independent advice, with no ties to any product provider.

Provides access to a highly qualified adviser – Chartered and Certified Financial Planner, Fellow of Personal Finance Society, Member of STEP (TEP qualified) and a Later Life Accredited adviser.

Has long experience of working with other professionals on a regular basis.

Uses fee based charging.

Offers use of Discretionary Management services.

Places high emphasis on establishing risk tolerance so that clients understand what they are agreeing to when it comes to investments, resulting in fewer dissatisfied clients in times of economic down turn.

Over the years there has been a deal of criticism from other professions, over the way financial advisers have taken large commissions, bearing little relationship to the amount of work done or the risk to the business of providing the advice. This, together with the regulation of financial advisory firms has led Stuart into setting up Singular Financial Planning Ltd.

So, why consider Singular Financial Planning Ltd for some of your clients' financial advice needs?

Stuart has always believed in both maintaining and developing his knowledge and in order to demonstrate this, he has regularly taken additional exams, not all of them being finanacial services related.  He has qualified for Fellowship of the Personal Finance Society. This is the highest level of qualification by examination available from the Chartered Insurance Institute and is one step above that of Chartered Financial Planner (which Stuart also holds).  Not content with proving his technical ability by way of exams, Stuart has also chosen to demonstrate his practical application skills by studying for and passing the Institute of Financial Planning case study.  By doing this he has also qualified for Certified Financial Planner Status with this institute, a qualification only held by about 1,000 advisers in the UK at the beginning of 2014.  He has also gone further, obtaining TEP status with The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and the Later Life Accreditation from SOLLA

The Retail Distribution Review (RDR), lead to more advisers improving their qualification levels as it requires them to hold a level four qualification by the end of 2012.  Currently, this is set at Diploma level with the CII.  A consequence of the RDR is that many advisers left the Financial Services arena, either because they were incapable of passing the required exams or because they could not be bothered to do so.

A further consequence of the RDR is that commission levels dictated by the insurance companies have become a thing of the past.  Customer Agreed Remuneration requires financial advisers to agree with clients in advance of providing advice how much it will cost.

The changes have resulted in a shift of emphasis from large up front commissions to significantly lower levels of initial payment and a regular smaller ongoing elements. This has inevitably put a strain on some firms' cash flow and as was anticipated there have been a string of mergers and acquisitions amongst the providers of independent financial advice.  Already we see a number of independent advisers being owned either entirely or in part by life companies as a means to securing some distribution power and this trend is likely to continue, as is the gradual movement to the restricted adviser space.

Most professional firms pride themselves on their integrity and independence, and whilst the majority do seek out independent advice from other professionals when it comes to financial advice, it has been our experience that many would prefer to deal with a business that operates along similar lines to their own.

Singular Financial Planning Ltd has been set up to provide advice on a fee basis so clients will know from outset what the likely cost of advice will be and how these costs are structured.

We will not be the choice of all customers but for those that appreciate true independent advice and those who have upwards of £100,000 to invest, it is likely that our services will be competitively priced.

Just as importantly, you can be assured that your clients are dealing with a company which prides itself on the quality of advice given.

If you are looking for a safe pair of hands that will not endanger your own client relationship, please call us.

Money Management Financial Planner of the Year Awards 2010. Winner, investment companies planner. Runner-up, multi manager planner.