Financial Planning

Later Life Planning - Care fees funding and Equity release

Whether it's your intention to grow old gracefully or disgracefully, we can help you plan for either extreme or anything in between.

For many this will mean how best to fund care fees, which is an area that has to be treated with sensitivity and compassion.  There are a number of ways such fees can be met by those who are not dependant on the Local Authority to fund their care and early planning can have a marked effect on the availability of funds.

As people get older, their investment needs and often their views on risk change.  These changes are often not taken into account by conventional advisers who are likely to recommend portfolios for such clients that are similar to those recommended for much younger individuals where this may not necessarily be appropriate.

Releasing capital from their home may provide solutions for those who need care and wish to remain at home rather than move into a care home.  It may also provide a solution for those of later years who would find a little more money in their hands would make life significantly more comfortable.

Stuart is a specialist at providing advice in this area and is an accredited "Later Life Adviser" by the Society of Later Life Advisers he is also a member of Symponia, an organisation of specialist advisers for the elderly.

Money Management Financial Planner of the Year Awards 2010. Winner, investment companies planner. Runner-up, multi manager planner.