Financial Planning

Benefits for clients of using Singular Financial Planning Ltd

In order to maintain the quality of our advice and service to you, we only deal with a relatively small number of clients, ensuring we can spend the time you need working with you.

We are a fee based business. This means that you pay for what you get and do not subsidise others.

Our clients tell us that they feel they get value for money from our services.

Financial planning, not product selling; our process takes time and is not reliant on us "selling" you a product. It is based around delivering a plan to help you achieve your lifetime goals.

Use of specialist risk profiling analysis that has been scientifically researched. This means that both you and we fully understand the level of risk you are prepared to take and what that is likely to mean for you in terms of the possible ups and downs your investments will be subjected to. This should ensure you have no nasty surprises.

Award winning financial planning software to provide you with lifetime cash flow and asset forecast around which our financial plans are constructed. Without this it is almost impossible to plan realistically, with it we can bring your finances to life!

Access to a highly experienced Chartered and Certified Financial Planner, with additional specialist qualifications in trust and estate work and accreditation for working with those in later life.  This ensures that your adviser is both highly technically competent and has the experience to provide you with a financial plan that can accommodate all your needs during your lifetime and perhaps beyond.

Our aim is to develop a long term and ongoing relationship with you. Trust and depth of knowledge about client preferences develop over time. This in turn enables us to tailor our advice more closely to your real needs.

Should you wish, the ability to take the plan elsewhere to arrange your investments. Having said this we would be disappointed if you could get someone else to make the arrangements more cost effectively than us.

Money Management Financial Planner of the Year Awards 2010. Winner, investment companies planner. Runner-up, multi manager planner.