Financial Planning

How would it feel to have no more financial worries?

To know that whatever happens, you have sufficient financial resources to meet the challenge and maintain the lifestyle you desire?

Having the funds is one thing, but knowing with confidence that you have them is a liberating experience.  It is true Financial Independence, total freedom to do what you want with your time (providing it is legal).

At Singular Financial Planning Ltd, our aim is to work with you to help you achieve just this and the freedom it brings. 


We will help you arrange and review financial products but this is a secondary function to our service and is most definitely not our primary aim.


Whether your dreams are grand or modest they are yours and in our experience they are rarely met by chance. Understanding what you want to achieve is the first step.  Planning how to get there and acting on those plans is the best way of making them happen.  


Most people frame their future on what they think they can achieve based on what they have now.  It is so much safer to avoid disappointment.  But so much more may be possible with a little effort and real planning. 

Our role is to help you determine what you really want, what would make your life complete such that before you die you can look back on it and feel you have achieved all the things that are important to you, experienced everything you really wanted to. 

It matters little to us whether you want to be able to globe trot, learn to fly, have a quiet life by the river bank or help others, these are your choices.  What does matter to us is helping you achieve these goals whatever they may be. 

Seldom are dreams realised overnight, so we work with you throughout your life, modifying your financial plan whenever necessary in order to ensure progress towards true financial independence.

If you have a dream, want to know what you have to do to realise it and are not afraid to work to achieve it, please call us for an initial chat at our expense.  Thereafter we charge for the work we do for clients but if we have whetted your appetite for more information please feel free to browse the rest of our website or contact us directly.

Money Management Financial Planner of the Year Awards 2010. Winner, investment companies planner. Runner-up, multi manager planner.